Friday, November 21, 2008

The just war theorist and the gamer...

Scene: Hubby and I in our office. Our desks are next to one another - each of us can see and hear what is going on next door.

Among the insurance paperwork, phone messages and remnants of my sabbatical application, are a variety of articles about the ethics of warfare. On my desktop are several chapters of my dissertation about the ethics of warfare.

One of the primary aspects of the ethics of warfare is that an unprovoked nuclear attack is a no no.. a big no no.

On hubby's screen, as I type, he's nuking a variety of innocents in his video game -- and taking a bit of glee at it all. In fact, he just asked me if he could nuke his own people -- just for fun.

Come on hubby -- do you have anything to say in your own defense?


hubby said...

Dropping nuk-u-lar wep-uns in Rise of Nations has coooooool graphics

Minnesota Matron said...

Too funny. Reminds me of a t-shirt my husband once threatened to make and wear: "Feminist Chicks Dig Me."