Friday, November 14, 2008

A whole lot down, 2 to go... or RBOChemo...

  • The chemo itself was fine -- as usual (knock wood). No surprises, no illness --
  • I need a nap, but that is because Hubby came back late last night and we spent some time talking before bed.
  • We got really good news about the drug study. I've been getting the test drug all along AND I don't have to come in every three weeks for the next 6 months or so. That is the best option!!!!
  • I'll have to do an EKG and MUGGA (heart tests) between Thanksgiving and my birthday -- but, they are painless and now I know where to go at the big hospital -- they should be pretty easy to do.
  • I'll have to have occasional PET scans -- which is much less fun than being sniffed by the cat -- (they have weird restrictions on what I can eat within 24 hours, they give me radioactive stuff and make me sit in the dark --- no reading -- for 45 minutes before the test).
  • My Oncologist said he'd come talk to my Medical Ethics class in the Spring -- I have a variety of topics he can talk about... and I think the best way to go is to have him write a short bit about what he does and the possible ethical challenges -- and then have the students ask him questions. He's best when he is answering questions and he'll really relate to my students.
  • It is also quite possible that I'll have students in my future classes who work at my cancer clinic. I'm ok with that -- as I'm open about the cancer etc... The ones who have mentioned going back to school at BNCC are ones I like and who would make good contributions to my classes -- so it's all good.
  • Time for the last of my ipod-ed Mad Men, and a nap.


Barbara said...

Hey, congratulations on the drug study! Maybe that's why you've had so little trouble with chemo side effects? Here's hoping the good luck continues, and the good results!

Seeking Solace said...

Yay for being almost done. And for Hubby being back!!!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I don't know the exact terminology for the study -- but, the idea is that they gave me the regular chemo drugs for breast cancer (Adromiacin/Cytoxin and then Taxol) AND the study drug, Avastin --

They already use Avastin for metastasized breast cancer, colon cancer and some brain cancers. They want to know if it helps with non-metastasized breast cancers... the drug prevents new blood vessels from forming to support tumors. Prior tests indicate that the standard chemo side-effects don't seem to happen with Avastin only -- which was why the study seemed to be a good idea.

In the end -- my contribution to the study is pretty small -- every time I got Avastin it took my chemo about an extra 40 minutes. I'll have some extra tests and extra labs and now I'll be on a pattern of slightly more frequent appointments with my oncologist -- whom I'm sure I'm going to miss anyway -- so, appointments with him aren't much of a sacrifice :).