Wednesday, November 12, 2008

RBO my drive from Red State....

  • I love that this will probably be our last year doing this long-distance thing. In April I can kiss Corn State goodbye --- at least for a bit.
  • In my traffic 'cohort' today on the interstate I saw a tiny little blond girl driving a huge Hummer and talking on her cell phone. I could barely see her face in the window...
  • I love the farmer protest signs: "Politicians, Hogs don't Vote" and a series of signs protesting urban sprawl ending with "build in the city".
  • New York has Woodstock, Corn State has Woolstock -- which can't hope to be as cool.
  • I saw lots of those huge windmills -- and they were all working.
  • They are skiing at the "ski hill" in the south metro.
Yep -- it is nice to be home.

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