Monday, November 17, 2008

Victory -- I think....

I've been trying to sort out a difference of opinion between myself, the hospital, and the insurance company.

I think I've finally found the problem -- way, way, way back in June I gave the hospital $220.00, for which I didn't get credit.

Their collections folks called me in August and I gave it to them again.

At the end of it all -- they thought I owed them more than I thought.... and we began the shuffle...

It looks like I'll finally get credit for my $220.00... and, if they don't think I actually paid it -- I'll get my credit union to beat them up. They're a military credit union, I think they can take a wimpy hospital.


Bardiac said...

Have you seen the thing going around the internet where someone offers a picture of a spider to satisfy a bill?

You could try sending a picture of a spider!

My capcha is "beaut"!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I had a message from the hospital -- they found THEIR mistake -- but, now I need to prove to them that the charge hit my account.

The problem is that it is too far back for me to access the info on-line, so my bank now has to send a copy of the statement... which they are doing. I'll then send a copy to the hospital... I suppose it is worth $220.00/