Sunday, November 16, 2008

Notes from grading jail... don't be a dumb-ass edition...

Just a few hints and tips from grading jail...

  • If your prof makes a big deal about getting a question right -- listen up. Especially if it has been on BOTH exams, discussed after the first exam and while handing out the second exam -- AND especially if the prof has mentioned posting a PowerPoint explaining the answer -- the least you can do is to try to get it right.
  • If your prof asks a question involving a paper she wrote and handed out to you -- and posted, you should probably look at it when it turns up as part of a question. Then, make sure you at least read enough to pretend to reference it in the answer. Really, this is all that is necessary for a decent grade -- and failing to do so will get you a crappy grade. Deal with it.
Also -- a general warning -- when your prof is mostly bald, has one boob and is just finishing chemo, your whining and bitching about a bad grade you clearly deserve isn't going far.

I hope your final papers / projects will be better.

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