Sunday, November 09, 2008

Good to be in Red State!

The drive down was good -- the weather cooperated, mostly -- which is all I can ask of Corn State in mid-November. There was some light snow, but it wasn't cold enough to make the road slippery...

I listened to old podcasts of "This American Life" -- which is a wonderful show!!! Dang, how I love my ipod!!!!

I love the fact that I can be here until Wednesday due to Veteran's day off at BNCC!!

Monday I'll go to the salon at the local cancer center for some advice about hair and a prosthesis --- My favorite hairdresser helped raise money to dedicate part of the salon to a local beauty school owner who died of cancer. I really liked him and his wife -- as I worked with them in a variety of capacities in my past life here --- it makes me sad he died... maybe while I'm out and about I'll stop by the school to see if she's around. I'd love to say hello to her.

Tuesday will be the officially sanctioned 'hang out in PJs day'. I've decided I need one of those in the week to fight the fatigue... since they are usually Wednesdays, but I'm driving home on Wednesday -- Tuesday it will have to be :). Maybe I'll start the day by going to the gym and stop by to visit my hairdresser THEN hang out in PJs all afternoon.... not quite what the doctor suggested, but -- then again on a 'normal' Tuesday I start teaching at 7:45 AM and finish after 9:00 PM --- so maybe if I don't do the teach-a-thon, I also don't need the bed day afterward....

Tuesday night we'll go to dinner with a textbook technology dude whom I know from BNCC. He happened to mention that he'd be here this week, I said I would be here as well and he suggested dinner... So, Hubby and I will pick him up and we'll go to one of Red State City's many good restaurants --- That is the hidden secret about Red State City, we have a ton of good places to eat.

Today, we'll play and work a bit.... then dinner at the Melting Pot. Hubby won some poker money last week and I told him he needed to take me out -- so, he is :).

As I drove into Red State City yesterday, I realized that this really could be our last year living here -- ever. It seems kind of weird, since I haven't officially lived here for the past three years, but I'll miss the regular visits down here... I suppose Hubby and I could make the trip -- but, I know we won't. Really, especially if we end up living in BN state -- there are better places for weekend trips than Red State.... I won't be done with the place until I defend --- so I'll have a reason to come down on occasion next year... but, it won't be quite the same.

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Minnesota Matron said...

Hmmmm... where could you be? A Dakota?

PJs and rest sounds great. Tuesday is half off day at ValuThrift which is where I'll be with Stryker.