Friday, November 07, 2008

Updates and weekend plans...

Chemo was fine -- 3 more to go. YEA!!!!!!!! After that, scans and other tests -- but, assuming all is well, no more chemo.

IF I'm in a particular part of the study, I'll be in for the study drug every three weeks. Since it isn't an actual chemo drug --- the difference is lost on me, but the essence is that the drug stops blood vessels from forming to support tumor growth -- the side effects are very minimal and I can go in on my own...

I think my oncologist is going to miss me -- he said I have to come back to visit him every week :) -- I'm going to see if he'll come talk to my Medical Ethics class next semester -- I think he'll do it, he loves to talk :).

Tomorrow I have the following to do list:
feed and water cats
pack hubby's gym clothes and my CPAP machine
pack the ipod & laptop
Bring grading, schedule stuff and dissertation stuff...

because --

wait for it --

Tomorrow I'm going to Red State!!!!

We don't have class on Tuesday for Veteran's day, so I'm off from teaching until Wednesday. So -- I'll go down and see hubby tomorrow morning and won't come back until Wednesday afternoon.

This will be my first solo trip to Red State since last April. That's a long time for me..

Also -- if you have a spare 'good vibe' for me and Hubby -- send it along. He's just applied for a job he'd really be good at --- he's kind of an odd candidate, but perfect for the job. The best part is that it's local. We wouldn't have to move. I could take my sabbatical without packing -- and the job is permanent, so we wouldn't have to fuss about jobs the next year, be apart etc.... plus it pays more than my job ---or, at least it should.

The bonus is that he could tell current uni to go away -- they've messed with him too long.


Seeking Solace said...

All wonderful news!!! Have a safe trip and best of luck to Hubby!

timna said...

oh that would be so good! have a great trip and weekend.

Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage! I hope your trip to red state is wonderful.

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