Monday, November 03, 2008

Voting and things...

I realized that I could do an absentee ballot, in person, and drop it off today -- which I did. I went over there worried it would take a long time, which it didn't.

After the BIG elections -- in which I got to vote for Obama and against a couple of other trouble makers -- I did a lot of 'vote for the women' and, 'vote for the only person on the ticket'.

and it felt good.

I've been worried about how to work voting into my Tuesday --- I teach at 7:45, 9:30, 2:15 and 6:00 -8:50..... So my times to vote would have been about 10:45-1:30 and 3:45-5:45.... and, if reports were correct, it could easily have taken me longer than I had.

My real problem I was having to choose between the NAP I needed to teach my evening class and voting --- which sounds really lame until you've been on chemo and had the fatigue hit you. Now I don't have to. My vote is in and I can sit back and watch the results come in --- and, you can bet my logic class will have one eye on their proofs and the other on the internet feeds I can show on the classroom projector :).

Have a happy voting day!

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julie said...

I did the same thing -- felt good!