Saturday, November 01, 2008

Facebook snooping...

There was a guy who was "the guy" in high school.

He was the football quarterback (our team sucked) -- probably prom king and overall popular guy.

When they seated us alphabetically in class, I was always by him -- and for 8 years we had lockers close together.

We weren't friends -- sometimes he would tease or diss me -- but, generally I just didn't exist. I saw him in enough contexts and for long enough that I couldn't think he walked on water. I just thought he was a jerk, and I'm not good at hiding those kinds of thoughts. I also wasn't one of the popular girls (band geek, figure skater, nerd, not rich --umm, duh!), so I would pretty easily escape his interest...

Well, I found him on Facebook. From what I can see, he's hanging out with the same people he did in high school. So many of his friends are the popular crowd -- and his most current facebook status is about watching the high school football team in the playoffs... I'm sure he's worked his high school popularity into a decent living for himself, but it is kind of sad. He never had the chance to reinvent himself -- to move beyond what he was in high school, which was the party/bully guy. I wonder what his employees think of him --- if he manages them like he related to his classmates?

I also found the facebook page of a girl who was a couple of years ahead of me. I wouldn't have known her at all, but we skated at the same club -- and she was notrious there for being a spoiled brat/bitch. If you get that reputation at the skating club, you've really earned it -- as most of the girls there were probably the brats of their own individual schools.... She's now the CEO of her "International Communications Empire" -- but, when I google her, I find a couple of blog posts on a local interest blog -- but, nothing about her company. Hmmm.... some communications empire, it doesn't even have a web page... From what I can tell, she's more like a local Paris Hilton... famous for being famous and the daughter of a rich guy.

I didn't send "friend" requests to either of them -- because they weren't my friends and I don't really want to know any more than I could see from their public profiles.

It is both good and kind of sad to see that things haven't changed 20+ years later. Of course, the people from my class that I'd really like to catch up with aren't on Facebook -- they wouldn't be, because they are too busy living their lives and doing cool stuff... I suppose I should spend more time doing those things than following links on Facebook, but -- what else should I do at 4:30 AM... darned insomnia.


Seeking Solace said...

I noticed similar things about the "beautiful people" I went to high school with. Same friends, living in the same place etc..

Pathetic, no?

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

What is pretty funny is that she's not beautiful -- at least not in the formal photos of her. She's skinny, so she looks good in clothes. But, her face looks as if she's a very well made-up 64 year-old and her hairstyle isn't flattering at all... although I'm sure it is an expensive cut.

Some further snooping revealed that both she and her hubby work for daddy's mega-business... Which, from the numerous exotic vacation photos, discussion of shopping and the nice home, pays well -- but, I have to wonder if she and hubby were hired on merit.

Bardiac said...

I went to my 10th HS reunion way back when. I was a grad student, and enjoying learning, excited (because I didn't yet realize about the job market). I'd been to college, the Peace Corps, etc.

And the saddest thing was seeing people who were on their second or third spouse already, reminiscing about the best days of their lives in high school. Yep, that's what happened to the most popular kids at my high school.