Friday, November 07, 2008

Palin bashers...

I'm on record as saying I didn't think Palin was ready to be VP -- or God forbid President. I'm also on record as saying I thought she was selected by sexists who thought they could manipulate her to be what they wanted her to be --- and if she were male, she wouldn't have been handled in the same way.

But --- now that they've lost -- the "insiders" need to shut the heck up! If what they are saying is true, they should at least put their names on it... but, more importantly, if what they are saying is true --it is bad enough that they had a moral responsibility to work against her before the election... even to go so far as to replace her on the ticket with someone who IS competent.

From what Palin said on CNN tonight, the "insiders" were part of debate prep and took some of her questions and statements out of context. I'm assuming they really would put country first -- so they are now extrapolating in a new direction -- otherwise they should have had her removed from the ticket rather than risk having her in power.

This smacks of "blame the woman because we didn't win" -- Dudes, y'all lost. You lost to a superior Presidential candidate and a VP candidate who seems more Presidential and experienced. You lost to a phenomeon, a rock star -- who ran an excellent campaign and -- it seems-- ran his OWN campaign. You lost to a really nice family man who promised his kids a puppy in the White House.

It was an uphill battle, and you lost. Your candidate's concession speech was classy, you and the Republican party should follow his lead. Blaming the girl -- in a way no prior VP has been blamed -- is tacky. The McCain / RNC strategy was flawed a long time before y'all plucked the Palins out of Alaska and tried to use them to get Hilary votes.

For starters, it wasn't a good idea to run on the theme of "I'm not him" --- Gore and especially Kerry tried it -- and it didn't work out so well for them. Then the nasty stuff about Barak --- "accusing" him of being a Muslim (as if there is anything wrong with that) AND condeming his Christian pastor in the same claims was super stupid. Trying to claim that, because he worked with Billy Ayers on a local board, he was a dangerous terrorist was plain old stupid --- you didn't notice that Ayers and the Obamas live close enough to vote in the same Chicago precint ... which explains the fact that they know one another. Do you really want to be judged according to the actions of your neighbors? I know I don't -- when we were in base housing we lived by some doozies... I don't think it is fair to call Hubby and I drug abusing /wife beating/ animal neglecting/ major-league rednecks just because we happened to live close together.

Notice -- none of that had anything to do with Palin -- unless you want to claim that she was feeding you all of those stupid ideas from Alaska.

and -- just FYI -- I wasn't going to vote for McCain no matter who his VP was ---- really, the only way he'd have a chance was if he nominated Hubby as his running mate (imagine a poli sci guy's 'Rolled Gold' or "I slept at a Holiday Inn-Express commercial) ... and even then I'd have to think twice about it.

Now, shut up --- lick your wounds and learn your lessons. Be classy and play nice with the Democrats. You need them to get your stuff done --- and, you aren't going to be in charge for much longer. Get used to it!


JustMe said...

thank you! i couldn't agree with you more!

julie said...

I *so* agree with your post here! These "anonymous" folks simply lack any kind of class.

But I have to admit: secretly, I do feel a bit of satisfaction when lies get exposed. It's the sickening gawking I sometimes do at a car wreck . . . I'm not proud of it, though.

susan said...

And some of these Palin critiques just seem implausible. Sounds like they're mad they lost and are dumping their anger on her--definitely in ways they wouldn't do for a man. She has "temper tantrums," for example--but no one says that about Rahm Emmanuel (he has a "fierce termper," perhaps, but never tantrums.)

Minnesota Matron said...

Yes, yes. The Matron hasn't given this what it deserves, but sexism was high at hand with Palin.

Uh, I mean Sarah.

Did we call McCain, John?

Wait - I'm not getting started.