Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Got some writing done...

I now have an idea as to what my conference paper is going to look like.

I think it should be just about right and it is expanding on some ideas from a paper previously presented at this conference -- so, it should work.

Also -- I'm getting more enthused about the idea of Hubby going to law school... which seems kind of odd, as if he goes, I won't be able to take my sabbatical. I keep getting the feeling that this is what he should do. I'm glad he gave the SLAC teaching thing a try -- because I think he needed to see the icky bits from the inside before he'd be content (few are actually happy) as a corporate lawyer-type. The truth is that the icky bits are really icky --- and he's seen just about every possible variation.... and, maybe it is time for him to get out.

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