Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday thoughts...

  • Hubby's on the way home --- he'll be here about 11... It seems like I just kissed him goodbye yesterday -- because I did :). This week it is almost like we actually live together -- wow.
  • Chemo tomorrow -- three left! I'll find out if I've been on the study drug tomorrow as well... the suspense is killing me --- not really, but it will be nice to know.
  • I now have about 85 exams to grade -- it is big, fat pile. I hope they don't think they'll get them back anytime soon.
  • Tonight I'm having a pot pie and a baked sweet potato for dinner... yumm.
  • Sometime soon I've got to make more progress on the conference paper. I know what it will look like, now it needs to get out of my head and into the computer.
  • My ethics classes are doing presentation prep for the next few days. I love these days -- and presentation days --- because I don't have to talk. Really, I don't have to talk in Ethics anymore this semester.
  • My logic classes are hitting the intellectual wall. This section is really hard and separates the ones who really get it from those who have been able to pass so far. We'll start the last section soon -- and they'll either get it or not.
  • My grading folder is so fat -- as fat as it will probably be for the rest of the semester --- it is kind of depressing. I have this cartoon on the front of my grading folder -- and it does make me feel better...

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