Monday, November 10, 2008

On actually getting something done...

Don't hate me because I'm caught up on my grading.

Don't hate me because I sent the final edits of my Sabbatical Application to my Dean last night.

Don't hate me because I have the worst part of the Fall 09 room schedule done.

I have a conference paper to write from scratch and about 85 take-home exams due Thursday.

I have chemo fatigue and some of the fingers and toes on my left side are a bit numb (but, I can still type and function... they just feel a little funny).

I have 'bad old man hair' -- like you'd expect to see on an 80 year-old dude smoking outside the nursing home.

but -- I am in Red State with Hubby... and loving it, at least the 'with Hubby' part.


Miss Kitty said...

Such a good feeling, knowing you got so much done! No "hatin'" here, LOL.

And my word verification is "demonsup." What the...?

julie said...

But I do hate you for being caught up on grading. Damn. ;-)