Friday, November 28, 2008

Yummy smells.... and a good day

The turkey breast is resting.

The stuffing and gravy are done.

The cranberries and 5-cup salad are cooled.

The pumpkin pies are also cooled (a full pie and an improvised smaller square pie made of leftover pie crust and leftover pie filling).

My house smells like Thanksgiving -- and we'll have leftovers for the weekend.

It is a weird tradition cooking for leftovers, but it makes some sense to cook a meal and plan to use it all -- right?

Not bad for a girl who had her last chemo infusion this morning.

By the way, when you finish chemo at my clinic the nurses sign and decorate a coffee mug -- very sweet!

I think this summer I'll see if they have a volunteer driver's list for folks who need a ride to and from chemo -- if I like the folks, I'll sit with them too.... I think some people getting chemo long-term are pretty lonely. I could be a good companion... I'll bring my own work if they feel like watching TV or reading, but nothing pressing so if they want to chat, we can chat... hmmmm.

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