Monday, February 27, 2006

Teaching -- grade status reports

Today and tomorrow may be kind of scary for my students -- I'm giving them the wake-up call they need about their grades and the impacts of ignoring the short summary papers I've assigned. In some classes, only two or three are close to an A.

The Intro to Philosophy sections have papers due on Thursday, Logic has a quiz -- hopefully seeing their current grades will make them get their acts together and do the work.

In all honesty, this isn't really hard stuff or ideas --- if they would only do the reading and the assignments I give them, they'd get it and get good grades. I don't want to let them drift along like they have been. It is almost mid-term time and if they don't get their acts together now they'll be screwed by the time I get back from KQRS/NPJLKMNOPDA nationals.

I wonder if they think it is only busy work -- that I LIKE spending Sunday afternoons at Caribou Coffee grading their papers... in all honesty, they probably do think I like it. Logic probably thinks I like to assign them homework they aren't doing... although it is true that I kind of like solving logic problems.... but, don't tell them that :).

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