Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New Day, New Committee

Not only am I on the "General Education Assessment Committee", but now I'm on the AQIP Assessment Committee... and I'm not exactly sure why..

In many ways I found the first meeting today not completely annoying, even though it was a 2ish hour-long meeting. We have another in a couple of weeks -- and I have nothing to contribute to the research that is supposed to be discussed. The Chair of the committee is a friend of mine, and he pretty much told me that I was on the committee because they liked me :)...

Other than that meeting, I had a pretty tranquil day -- I have the funny feeling that I'm not doing something that should be done. I've reviewed every class and project and there is nothing hanging around undone. I have a set of papers due tomorrow and Thursday, so I'll be back to normal (i.e. avoiding grading..).

Maybe it is because I'm used to teaching 5 philosophy courses AND coaching the team. This semster I'm down to 3 philosophy classes, a teaching circle and debate... for slightly more money. It is also probably odd right now because I've adjusted my classes to decrease the number of longer papers ANd I'm using the same book as last semester so the lectures are all done and the exams just need revision.

In other words, I've finally -- after 3 years here-- figured out how to teach smarter not harder. Now, if I could only adjust without having a small anxiety attack.

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