Thursday, February 23, 2006

Academics & blogging BNCCers

A blog I read all the time, but whose anonymity I respect, seems to have paid me a compliment...

I've been in a quandry for a while about this -- I found their blog accidentally and since I have had some contact with the author in my time at BNCC, I recognized the details a while ago. I also realized that the author used the blog as a way to vent about school and get feedback, as well as that the author probably doesn't know me well enough to realize I'd never rat them out.

If you read me too -- and it isn't hard to figure out who I am -- thanks -- I hope the application process isn't traumatic for you... For the record, I worked with "King Maker" and they are an equal pain in the rear outside the department as inside.

Also, when if we end up talking about academic blogs in our last meeting, I'll guide them to some without sensitive blogrolls -- Since I've also joined facebook, maybe we'll talk about that instead :).

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