Sunday, February 19, 2006

Debate --Packing & predictions

When I packed my suitcase this morning I realized that I won't have to pack it again for almost a month. WOW.

I also realized that I'll have two whole weekends off between now and KQRS nationals... yippeeeeeeeeee

I'll also be thanking my own blanket for a while -- even when we host our own tournament in a couple of weeks.

1) Rex/McWhiggins will win at least one elimination round here. Their trophy will be pathetic.

2) The extemp round I've been asked to judge will SUCK.

3) The parli rounds I judge WILL suck.... that one is easy since I haven't seen a good round in this state outside of practice since we hosted KQRS nationals last year.

Let's see how I do....

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