Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Iraq's Golden Dome

Just saw Iraq's Golden Dome was bombed by terrorists... at least that is what the local news said today.

I really don't understand groups that take these kinds of actions. How can this be a good thing from their perspective? Do they think they'll be able to blame the US?

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Ninja Kitty said...

It's sectarian. The Golden Dome is a Shi'ia Mosque which is also the tomb of the 10th and 11th Imams. It is difficult to explain it in Christian terms, but imagine if militant protestants blew up a famous catholic cathedral, and then you can understand what happened there.

And it's truly a shame. The Golden Dome was incredible-- you could see it shining in the sun from the middle of the city all the way outside, past the highway that runs by it. Truly a loss for the whole world.

A lot of people probably will blame it on the US, but that isn't the Sunni's intentions. They want war. They compose less than 20% of the population of Iraq, but under Saddam, they were the ruling class. Most of the Middle East is Sunni. If Iraq goes Shi'ia, which it basically has, its Shi'ia neighbors to the east (Iran) will have more influence.

Interestingly, the Iranians in particular await the coming of the 12th Imam. It's totally possible that Sunnis are playing off Shi'ia religious belief to incite a much bloodier war.