Friday, February 17, 2006

I love my colleagues

Again... on the theme that I'll be bitching a lot sooner rather than later...

I really like the people in my department and division...

"Dog Mommy" is brilliant, funny and beginning to be a really good friend. She's also on a one-year contract and has a tenure-track job back east next year. YEA Dog mommy..

"cross the hall" is the new person in the department. He is contributing and nice. His students like him and he seems to like them as well. He has a good sense of humor and is a moderating influence on Ms. Senior colleague and I.

"Senior Colleague"came to me today to say she is kind of envious of me, as students haven't changed much since i started teaching a few years ago. She's been doing it for 20 years or so and has figured out this semester that she needs to do something different. I love her dearly -- and am glad she's started to see that she needs to change some things.

"Ms. Asian" is a bit more new than me and very smart. She brings a nice, cheerful attitude and quite an addition to the faculty.

"Dog Dad" -- not married to dog mommy.... great sense of humor, very caring and proactive. I'd love to see him get the full-time position in our department.

"Dr. I don't like debate coaches" -- is coming around, and -- funny enough -- submitted the DRK proposal with two debate coaches as the members... hmmmm.... maybe he really DOES like debate coaches.

"Other debate coach -- who doesn't coach JXRK style debate" -- fight the good fight, revolution and all that stuff... yea rebels.

My teaching circle is a great new group, enthusiastic and funny -- and brings good snacks to the meeting. Just the tonic for late Friday afternoon.

I'm worried about "hippie chick" -- she's been out on a vague "leave" -- her daughter had something serious happen, but she came back to work for a few days and then left again, possibly for the semester.

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