Saturday, February 18, 2006

BN State tournament --- round 1

There are 4 whole rounds of debate here. Normal places do 6, big VJKR nationals does 8.

The first round res is. "TH would gamble for BNstate's future".

All BNCC's teams are gov, so they have to support gamboling -- thank goodness D1 is a former blackjack dealer, Rex is pretty good at the gamboling thing and Herbie is up on state politics. I think they'll do ok.

IF they run, "Knock down IKEA and put up a casino" -- I'll be going home alone tomorrow--- I'm kidding... kind of...

I'm watching two snotty private schools.... one of which would like to BE the other --- neither of which are good.

Before they prepped, I told them that they could prep however they wanted, speak however they want and ask as many questions as they want... that will teach this state tournament to give me ballots -- as I told them that it WAS NOT in the rules... ha

This should be fun --- or, maybe not.... we'll see. The fun thing is that I have wireless access in this building, so when the going gets rough, I can give the blow-by-blow here.

Ummmm... so far not fun...
bad plan -- disorganized -- wannabe school needed a coach in prep -- I wrote that on the ballot, which should be fun if their "coach" reads it--- as s/he is very anti-coaching in prep.

Dumb argument #1 --- "Minority students ALWAYS score lower on standardized tests" -- wow

"IDIDOTH --- punch to your face" in my head... Hashmere... where are you.....

We've been thanked enough -- trust me, I feel loved, blessed and overall appreciated... fuck you. All the time wasted on "thank yous" today could have been nap time for me... heck, I could have spent a few more minutes with B-kitty and hubby in bed...

1:30, still in thanks and previews... eek

Cripes, these kids are pretty f-ing stupid. Increase the school year by 4 weeks -- but not increase teacher salaries... and expect teachers to do prep while they students are doing the "acclimation" that is the purpose of the 4 weeks... WTF, who is doing this "acclimation" if not the teachers?

I suppose that these pointless thank-yous do give me blog time... not so bad, I suppose.

I kind of hope this team goes to BKLJ nationals (no qual for KQRS nat's..) -- and we get to hit them in pre-sets... we'd demolish them with decent judging.

oh goodie, a dumb question from the MG.

I'm amazed at how much smarter my team is than ANY of these kids... they are in selective / competitive private schools, but they can't seem to actually advocate for either side... These are schools that have rejected students at BNCC... they can't REALLY BE dumb, maybe it is their stupid coaches.

The MG dropped a budget DA --- thank God, I have someplace easy to vote...

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