Monday, February 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Hubby -- updated

Today is Hubby's birthday. He's 38. I remember his 18th birthday.... talk about amazing.

I'm a lucky person to have married such a wonderful guy. He's smart, sexy, intelligent and passionate.

Hubby makes me a better person and challenges me to achieve things I never would have otherwise. I'm sure I wouldn't be teaching philosophy and coaching debate without him -- I'd never have even GONE to grad school, say nothing of started a dissertation without his encouragement.

Hubby is the kind of person that takes seriously the challenge that we ought not complain about something unless you propose a solution to the problem. This was the motivation behind his starting KQRS nationals.... he didn't like the way NPJKLMNDA nationals was run, so he talked to some people and started KQRS -- which is now shaping and adjusting the way debate is done across the country. Next month will be the 6th KQRS nationals, I never thought #1 would happen.... ever.

I hope hubby has a good day today -- He had cards and a present on the birthday tree last night (our Christmas tree is now naked, it was just waiting for decoration...). Tonight we have a different kind of debate meeting... I'm going to order pizza and will probably get a cake for hubby's birthday for the team to share. We'll spend the whole time talking about the topics, eating pizza and cake and plotting strategy necessary to rule the world... or at least to win some f-ing debate rounds.

Update -- the Birthday Surprise worked... he went downstairs to find his beloved Jeep Liberty washed and cleaned inside, and a gift bag full of DVDs on the front seat. It is fun to actually be able to surprise him after 15 years and 20 birthdays... not bad, eh??


Seeking Solace said...

Happy Birthday to your Hubby! I have one just like your husband. What gems they are!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

We are lucky -- or, maybe just smart enough to see them for what they are and grab them before someone else does...