Saturday, February 18, 2006

Debate BN state champs, round 4

Prep time:
So -- the boys seem to be pretty confident that they won rounds... not so confident that they got the ballot.

The only good news is that we haven't had a bye... (a bye in the power-matched rounds goes to the team with the worst record).

Rex/McWhiggins pissed off a judge, accidentally -- I'm not so sure that the judge is a good NGk judge, as she couldn't tab the tournament a couple of weeks ago--- but, she gave them the low-point win --which is hard to argue with.

Herbie/The Russian seem to be having a better day, which is kind of expected. I know via back-tabbing that as of the third round they more than likely won one of the first.

D1/D2 say they are doing massive judge adaptation, but aren't so sure they're winning. Of course, there is nothing like a warm room here -- that would be too much like "ADEEC" debate, which is, I'm to assume, evil -- or something.

The resolution is "The United States should re-regulate the airline industry" -- wonder what they'll do to regulate... Miss my Mommy U (MMMU) is gov against small-private school (SPS) on the opp.

If D1 is last speaker, I'll give him a homemade award --

I decided that my project for Oregon is to learn how to spin a pen...

it seems that re-regulation = increase the list of banned items

LO -- so, if I can't fly with my scissiors, I'm going to drive to Oregon?? hmmm

MG -- mocks the DA link... people will just check the offending nail clipper, not stop driving... now turned the DA, YEA.

MO: "my argument will be a bit jumbled" -- i.e. I can't flow. now -- you are saying that gov plan = removal of ALL risk on airlines... Wow--- folks, why no T... US = Airline industry... hmmm gee -- how about being responsive to answers and turns on the DA... the suspense is whether or not the PMR catch them...

LOR -- she both mocked and turned your DA... answer the turn, then try to revive it.

PMR: pulled the turn on the DA, and mocked the DA... you win. yea -- can we go to dinner?

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