Saturday, February 18, 2006

Debate - BN state tournament, breaks...

Just as I predicted on Friday... Rex/McWiggins broke, D1/D2 didn't.

I'm pretty sad about the D1/D2 thing, and happy for Rex/McWiggins. I know that D1/D2 ARE the best team in the state. They have the KQRS points to prove it, and will do well at both nationals. They just aren't geared for this f-ing judge pool... and they didn't get lucky a couple of times in terms of judges.

I think there is a judge from MMMU that hates judging debate, sadly -- she's seen our kids, who ACTUALLY debate. She sees them every year, and I'm frankly getting sick of it. I don't know what bug crawled up her nose, but if she had an ounce of intelligence or integrity, she'd have voted for our guys... I doubt she did. Of course, there is no results wall or anything -- so I don't know for sure.

I do know Rex/McWiggins ran over a team, won the ballot on a dropped DA and got low speaks for being "rude" -- I'm still not sure what was done to offend her -- and I kind of doubt her JKL debate credibility... but, who really cares?

Our tournament will be a whole other ball of wax -- I wish some of these teams would actually come to it to see how it is REALLY done elsewhere. Of course, that would shatter their little images of themselves and make them see that they aren't all that.

I had an interesting conversation with an assistant to evil host guy. She told me she is very glad to see me here, and pretty much asked for my side of the story on why we don't come down to their tournaments. I told her that the problem was with the coaching in prep and materials in prep rules. If they weren't in place, we'd come down more often. She said she's working on it -- I pretty much told her that she should let me know when it changes, and we'll come back. I told her that I couldn't go to tournaments that were actively against what we hold to be valuable parts of debate.

Still no news as to who will host next year ---- I'm kind of tempted to say that I don't want to do it afterall. Maybe we'll bid next year-- or not. The whole banquet / judge lounge / BS just doesn't sound like my style...

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