Friday, October 31, 2008

A day of chemo and other errands..

First -- a common sense question... If a professor cancels class, would you think they'll be doing their office hours?

Especially since there was a note on my door about no office hours -- Of course, this girl is double-dense -- and it seems as if she's survived so far by being kind of cute and nice.... She sent me an e-mail this morning saying she came to my office hours etc -- umm, duh, if you'd come to class you'd have seen that I wasn't there... do you really think I'd be there immediately AFTER class? Grrrr

I have four more chemo sessions left after this one.. YEA

I got my wedding rings re-sized (they were a bit tight and I can't wear tight stuff on my right hand/arm anymore, so I hadn't worn them since June...). It only took two hours or so and wasn't expensive... and it was so worthwhile... YEA!

We went to the grocery store for the stuff for a pork chop bake dinner. Mom makes this stuff that is kind of like corn stuffing and bakes the pork chops in the stuffing. Sounds like a perfect Halloween night meal.

We have Halloween candy -- I'll put the sign out on the door in a bit, who knows how many kids will show up... Of course, this requires restraining New Kitty for every knock, so while she's sleeping I'm going to put a leash on her. Old Kitty doesn't even look at the door, and if he did -- he's on the slow side so we could catch him pretty quickly.

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