Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I really can't say what is so frustrating...

Let me assure you that it does not involve:
  • BNCC in any way, including any administrators -- although, in the end, they might help resolve the problem.
  • My health -- that is all fine and good.
  • My sweet kitties...
  • Me, directly --
It is related to:
  • The financial crisis
  • Idiots who cannot plan for the future
  • Mean people who suck
  • Stupid-ass bureaucratic BS
Send generic good-vibes my way and I'll pass them on as needed.


Arbitrista said...

I just put some good vibes in the psychic mail for you. Enjoy!

Seeking Solace said...

Sending good vibes and happy thoughts! :)

julie said...

Okay, I'm vibesing/vibing/vibrating as you're reading this.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Thanks for the vibes -- it turns out that it may not be as bad as I thought at first... I think the vibes helped :)..