Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cat blogging....

Send good vibes to Old Kitty -- it seems he has a thyroid condition and has lost a lot of weight. He's looking like an old bag of bones.... So far the medicine seems to be working, as he's able to sleep more and is showing some interest in food.

New Kitty is much younger and doing quite well. Her new favorite hangout is under Hubby's desk next to the UPS and other warm things... She cuddles right up to them, probably because they are warm and don't move.

Old Kitty's illness brought up the perpetual question -- what happens when he dies? Do we get New Kitty a new cat, or should she be an only cat? I'm leaning toward a new cat for New Kitty, but not a kitten -- rather one who is under a year old, but big enough and smart enough to resist her if she turns into a bully. Also, the cat would have to be a male and probably orange... as I've never had an orange cat.

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JaneB said...

Hrd things to think about.

My Mum has a theory that orange cats are always friendly and have human-oriented personalities, and I have only met one exception to that rule (but... he is quite an exception. Human-oriented - aimed at total dominance!). Definitely good to have different coloured cats as it reduces the odds of thinking you saw beloved-but-gone kitty out the corner of your eye and being disappointed when it's actually new-kitty