Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This time tomorrow night...

... Hubby will be about to walk in the door.

I miss him -- a lot.

The big question is when New Kitty will forgive him... ah, the suspense and drama of having a highly interactive, intelligent and ambitious kitty. She's either causing chaos or having a good pout. Sometimes she does both, and then our best bet is to leave the house for a while.


Coffee-Drinking Woman said...

I can't imagine having a long-distance marriage... or, rather, I can't imagine myself being strong enough to do it, anyway.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

We have a couple of advantages -- first, we started seriously dating long-distance. He lived in Denver and I lived here. We were lucky because my step-dad worked for United, so I could travel easily.

Second, my parents had a long-distance marriage for a long time, so I have a role model. Mom, my sister and I lived here, my step-dad worked in Chicago and commuted home on weekends.

Third, we've been married a long time -- almost 15 years when we started this whole adventure -- so, we know one another really well.

Fourth, we've lived in Red State in the past, so when I go down there, I'm familiar with the area -- when he calls and asks for directions or something, I can actually be helpful etc.

Like other LDRs, we have every intention of making this a limited time thing. Once his job situation settles down, I'll be able to look at alternatives where he is -- and I'm not tied to the idea that the alternative is limited to an academic job... the challenge is, what does a former academic philosopher DO if they aren't in the classroom/writing?