Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ready, set, procrastinate....

I'm all ready to get into my "to do" list... which includes delightful items such as:
  • Sabbatical application form
  • "prep sex" -- which means make a powerpoint about prostitution and stripping.
  • "prep war" -- which is all about my favorite topic...
  • Print paper about war -- i.e. my paper about supreme emergencies... I'm not going to be able to do the chapter in time...
  • Write ethics exam
  • Create presentation evaluation form
  • Grade ethics papers
  • E-mail to: department, philosophers, honors council,
I have a clean desk, complete with a bowl of M & Ms, a glass of water and just the things I need to work.

The ipod is on a shuffle of 16,6698 songs...

So, what do I do -- I sit down to write a blog post --

Also -- I have my desk calendar arranged for the next month or so, and includes "last chemo!" on November 28 -- that gives me the same cozy feeling I got when we moved to Omaha and suddenly Minnesota showed up on the weather maps... no, it is actually better!

now, work, work, work ---- I'm going to turn off the wireless until I make some progress...

see you later!

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