Wednesday, October 22, 2008

RBO -- a Wednesday... & a potential big thanks!

  • For someone who supposedly has a T/Th schedule (an illegal one, but one I have anyway -- somehow... grr) -- I'm on campus quite a bit MW this semester --- and in chemo on Friday. So much for two days per week...
  • I may have actually learned something useful from my the textbook reps today... a new Logic on-line textbook supplement looks quite promising.
  • I may be on the way to getting the 'finish the dissertation' sabbatical approved. My Dean seems to like the way I've justified the connection between my project and teaching. If it works -- I have y'all to thank... I did a good imitation of a mind-meld with y'all in an e-mail that seemed to be persuasive to her. YEA!
  • I also was a good department chair today. Someone in a different discipline got turned down for something she wanted to do... I suggested an alternative, was supportive to the Dean on her behalf and then brainstormed how to make it work. If we can pull this off, it will be very helpful to this person -- and I'll be happy.
  • I'm really divided about summer teaching -- I kind of want to do it, for the money -- and, if I get the sabbatical, I'll be ok with teaching then... and the money will come in handy. If I don't teach, the dean may pull a couple of classes off of the schedule, which has already shrunk... On the other hand, I want a freaking summer off... I really wish I could delay the decision until we find out about sabbaticals... grrr.
  • I've committed to a short talk for the honor society ceremony on Friday. It should be fun and if it works, I'll have done some good... we'll see.
  • This weekend I NEED to write and finish a draft of a chapter, as my students need to read it... yea -- I'm giving my work to my students to read and comment on. Don't tell me that my dissertation isn't part of my teaching.

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