Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Live blogging, Grading Jail edition...

Topic: Ethics mid-terms
1) 8 "definitions" (one per ethical theory covered in the first half of the semester). Each is supposed to be a brief description of the theory and one plausible objection.
2) Essay question -- they get to choose among 4 questions. The answers are supposed to show their ability to create connections between theories, expand theories, apply them etc.

As of 5:50 PM -- I have 10 sets of definitions left from my large class and 29 from my "small" class.

I haven't started the essays.

The plan tonight is to finish the definitions -- we'll see how that goes. I already have them separated into groups of 5... it isn't good when you are counting and your total to go is 39...

I'm taking a break -- I hope we have some popcorn.

6:45 -- I've graded exactly 5 more sets of definitions.. I've also made popcorn and put in a load of laundry. I also went back to bed for a little bit to read... NOW -- I WILL do 20 more.... before I do anything else AND before the load of laundry is done in the washing machine.

7:45 -- I still want to get the other class' definitions done, but I don't think I'll manage it...

I also suspect plagiarism... so I'll do a little googling to find out. I'll keep you posted... Of course, it is the last one of the large class.... sigh.

8:14 - stupid -ass DVR ruined my plans to watch the debates and grade. New plan is to take dinner into the bedroom and watch Project Runway -- because I don't know the DVR will tape it... and it is the finale...

I hate our cable company.

I'll grade tomorrow.

It is now 'tomorrow' -- I'd intended to eat a little breakfast and go back to bed... but, I decided to eat and grade.

I organized the large class' exams (paired the essays with the definitions and separated them into groups according to the essay question they answered). I then graded 10 of the morning class' definitions.

I have 19 sets of terms and all the essays to grade today.

I think I can get it done -- along with the laundry (about three loads), cleaning up a bit -- so Hubby doesn't come home to a mess -- and a series of naps.

I'm about to do nap #1 :) -- wish me luck!

11:20, the nap was successful -- as was the call to Grad School about money... sigh. I also have laundry in both machines, but I can't manage to get the grading going.

So -- since today is 1/2 of our pathetic attempt at a "fall break" (i.e. the K-12 Union days off, so we get them too, because we belong to that union -- which then turns around and competes with us for funding from the legislature, which is screwed up --- AND our union is now talking about buying its own building, but still paying the K-12 Union dues --which are more than half of the huge amount we pay... and the only justification for the huge amount we pay is that we get administrative support from K-12 union, which will be hard to do when our union moves out...)-- The campus will be quiet today. I can turn on the radio, grade and walk around in my socks.... which, isn't too different from other days... I actually have a fear I'll go up to teach in my socks -- or bare feet.

Anyway, the new plan is to take the grading to school and leave either when they kick me out or when I'm done.

Then I can spend the other half of "fall break" / K-12 union days in chemo. Which will be more fun than grading.

12:14 --- I'm in my office, I'm the only one in my area... it is nice. I have a subway sandwich on my desk, a large diet coke and a pile of papers. The radio is on, my hat and shoes are off -- I'm in grading mode.

After I grade two more sets of definitions, I can eat part of my sandwich.

5 more will earn me one game of solitaire...

After that, I can start grading essays. I think the essays will go more quickly, as I just need to read and assess one basic argument.

3:18 -- I'm done with the terms and have done the first question of my smaller class. For some reason my students think Rawls was influenced by Mill -- but, Rawls expressly rejects Mill -- in the reading they have for class. I suppose that is because both talk about considering others equally... and maximization of happiness. The thing is, Rawls would sacrifice maximum happiness for MaxiMIN happiness-- the idea that those who gain the least should have their gains maximized... not really a utilitarian conclusion... sigh.

Next -- essays on Ross, and then perhaps feminism. That way I'll only have one class' worth of essays to do over the weekend.

4:15-- the last set went much more quickly than I anticipated... I'm going to start the other set. I'll leave when they kick me out or I get hungry...whichever comes first :) --

5:15 -- I have 10 essays left -- all are on Ross. For now, I'm crying "uncle".

I could probably bang them out, but I just don't have it in me. I'm going to get some dinner to take home. Maybe if I put them on the coffee table while I watch trash TV tonight, I'll get them finished.

Besides, I think the security people will kick me out of BNCC in about 15 minutes, as the building is supposed to close then.... "fall break" you know... Don't get me started on the fact that they won't give faculty keys to the building OR that there isn't 24/7 security so that we can get to our offices if the school is "closed". BNCC is a Philosophy Factory for a reason -- the factory workers don't get keys to the factory, do they?

Saturday --

I managed not to grade anything yesterday -- chemo was all nap and watching Mad Men...

I finished the last 10 essays today, in front of an 80s movie -- not a bad way to finish. Although, it does seem that three of the last 10 were confused about the assignment --- in a way that the other 75 or so students weren't... they thought the question about Ross was 'give a short criticism of Ross, without really reading the material and while simultaneously ignoring the actual question on the assignment sheet' --- They had to have the sheet in order to know that there was a question on Ross and which terms were included in the first half of the exam.

sigh. It is good to be done and caught up.


Workaholic Philosopher said...

I sympathize! I'm reading your blog instead of going the grading I should be doing today. There are so many ways to procrastinate. I had to laugh when you said that chemo is more fun.

Workaholic Philosopher said...

I sympathize! I'm reading your blog instead of going the grading I should be doing today. There are so many ways to procrastinate. I had to laugh when you said that chemo is more fun.