Friday, October 24, 2008

Counting today -- 6 chemos left!

Today's appointment is later than usual -- my oncologist is taking the day off, so I'll see another one. Normally, we'd just skip the appointment -- but the study I'm in requires a physician visit, so I'll get to meet another oncologist.

The amusing bit is that I'm taking class prep to work on during chemo. The reading is about prostitution and stripping.... I really need to re-read the book about stripping because all of my students seem to have read it.

After chemo, I'll come home and sneak in a nap before a commitment tonight.


Seeking Solace said... about prostitution during chemo. :)

Yay for only six more treatments!!

Bardiac said...

That's a great one to be carrying around, a conversation starter!

Congrats on the chemo winding down!!!!!