Thursday, October 02, 2008

Dear Sara Palin,

Please answer the question.

It isn't hard to do. Listen to what was asked and respond.

I know you are probably pretty smart. I'm sure that you could do this debate, and do it well. I admire you for living by your principles.

But if you don't answer the question, you look like a moron.

I wouldn't give my students credit for these answers. You went to something like 6 colleges, right? If any of them let you answer an essay prompt with an un-related answer, you should go back and demand your beauty pageant money back.

A feminist and a philosopher
and someone who can spot the fact that your answers aren't answers to the questions asked.

ps -- stop sending me e-mails. I'm not voting for you, I'm not giving you money -- especially since you won't answer the question asked -- how can I know you won't blow it on naughty librarian clothes and Tina Fey glasses?


cupcake said...

Sing it, sister.

Bitty said...

I loved how she declared up front that she wouldn't be answering some of the questions but that she would (paraphrasing from memory) give the answers to the questions that America wanted answered.

I wanted the actual questions answered.