Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Plans for the day...

First of all, thanks to the plagiarist, the logic jerks who took the shared photocopy off of my door and the concerned nephew of the breast cancer person, I've developed a new goal. The goal is pretty simple, don't hate my students. Remember that most of them are good folks trying to get along and some of them are actually trying to learn something. I need to keep that goal in mind today.

My cleaning person is coming today -- YEA! I've done the 'before the cleaning person comes' cleaning and things are all set for her to create a little spot of domestic tranquility and cleanliness.

Since I've actually BEEN the cleaning person, I know it is easier and faster to do if nobody is home.. so, I'll be on the way out as soon as she gets here.

Today I need to do the following:
  1. Grade the last set of ethical theory papers. I really should bring my laptop along, in case I need to google any more suspicous sentences.
  2. Sort out my ethics classes into presentation groups.
  3. Go to the gym.
  4. Meet with the philosophers at 3:30 for some assessment stuff.
I think I'll start with coffee and grading. This will get the biggest icky thing out of the way and let me get some caffeine.

I should stop by campus for a few minutes to print a copy of my grade book for my ethics classes -- because that will let me do the presentation stuff as well...

Someplace in there I'll eat lunch and then go to the gym. The sweet time at the gym is about 2:00 -- after the "exercise at lunch" folks and before the swimming nazi and his minions get to the pool after work.

If I'm in the pool at 2:00, I can be at the 3:30 philosopher's meeting. After our meeting I'll record all the grading, make the slides that show each group and make sure I'm ready for class tomorrow.

By the time all of that is done, my cleaning person will be finished here and I'll come home to a nice clean apartment.

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