Saturday, October 04, 2008

A quick trip to the mall...

... becomes more interesting when the power goes out.

The power outage was less than a minute. The chaos at the Body Shop took at least 45 minutes to resolve.

Naturally, while we waited we went to the game store and to Apple -- both to shop and not to buy.

We also went to Bath and Body works -- and ended up with some nice home scent stuff... but, not candles. Thinking about New Kitty setting herself or Old Kitty on fire would surely counter the relaxation promised by the burning candle. Instead, we got something that will plug in and not burn cat fur.

1 comment:

Seeking Solace said...

Yes, we have to put our candles up high because the Boy has a condition known as 'happy tail".

I am guessing you got one of the wallflowers at BBW. They are very nice, except I hate how you have to place the bulb in lefty-loosey instead of righty-tighty!