Tuesday, October 14, 2008

counting down... and hair news...

Mom and I had a good trip to Red State -- good food, good sleep... and, as usual, lots of good conversation.

We also planned out / divided up responsibilty (between Mom and Hubby) for my last rounds of chemo.

Hubby will be home on Thursday for a week of Fall break -- so he gets the next two.

Mom will come down over Halloween Weekend -- and part of the following weekend -- she'll get the two after that.

In mid-November I'm going to Red State (on my own... gasp, shock... Iowa solo ---- can Chemo Girl handle it?) -- because BNCC has Veteran's Day off... which happens to be a Tuesday, so I get a LONG weekend...

Hubby will come back, then mom gets one more before Thanksgiving... Hubby will be here for the last one, the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Dang -- it was nice to look at the calendars and sort it out to the end.

It seemed so far away in July. I couldn't even imagine the end of chemo --- Now it is right around the corner. You know how, in late August, that the end of the semester will ever come? That's kind of how the Chemo calendar felt to me... complete with the knowledge that, by the end, you'll be tired, cranky and done with it all.

On the hair news...
Hubby looked at me and realized I have really fine hairs. In order to see them, I need to be both back-lit AND have a solid dark background behind me... tricky light conditions to see my hair, but that prompted us to feel for it -- and it was there!

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Seeking Solace said...

Yay for hair growth!