Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Who is really clueless?

... me or Student..

Hint -- I wasn't the one who wrote, "like we discussed in class", in a paper DUE on the date of the class discussion. I suspect the paper came from someone else's ethics class, but I can't prove it. The fact that the paper didn't fulfill the assignment was enough to down his grade substantially.

Hint -- I also wasn't the one who tried to slip his paper on Rawls into the stack on Held. Ummm -- dude, like I wouldn't notice? Since I grade the papers in order, yours wasn't with the Rawls stuff I was handing BACK the day you did it. Why the heck do you think I do it that way -- to catch little cheaters like you.

Besides, the paper you gave me was almost as bad as the Kant one...

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