Friday, October 17, 2008

The cost of having Cancer...

I haven't added up the claims...

but, today I accessed the insurance company's self-serve website.

I've had 108 claims since May 20.

Dang -- 108 claims since finals week last spring. A sure sign of a summer of suckage.

My current chemo would cost me about $3,000 PER WEEK without insurance. The insurance company pays significantly less than that because they have an interest in the clinic -- thus, it is "in network".

The "icky" chemo would have cost me in the neighborhood of $7,000 per session -- I did four. Again, my insurance company got the wholesale rate...

Really, we don't live in a fair country. When my insurance company can pay so much less than an individual without insurance.

And -- the old Republican Presidential candidate wants to tax my health insurance benefits... not that they wouldn't still be a great deal for me... but, that is screwed up.

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