Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Teaching -- today

Today is my day in grading jail. I have about 50 Intro to Phil papers on some aspect of the arguments on the existence of God. I hope they aren't all awful.

I'm going to my office for grading jail--- just after I send NPJLKMODA their checks for our entry fee.

In my office I can't get wireless, and since I vowed not to blog from work -- EVER -- I should be ok there, away from distractions. I'll stop and get some good food on the way and be there when the NPKQRS/NPKJLMORASDKL teams get there at 5:00 for a practice round.

If I can keep my ass in gear and focused today I can start actual break tomorrow... Friday is lunch with the Red Head, and then a mom (either mine or hubby's) will be around for the weekend -- that should actually be fun (no sarcasm -- love them both..).

Next week is crazyness -- lots of meetings AND reading applications for the job search..


Dr. Lisa said...

Good luck with all the grading. I'm in the same spot--I have a bunch of essays to correct before classes begin, too.

Seeking Solace said...

Good luck! I was paroled from grading jail last week.