Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Teaching/ Debate -- between now and then

It is Wednesday morning, Friday morning at 6:30 AM our butts need to be on a flight to Portland. We'll be gone for 11 days -- and as such, there are a few things I need to get done before we go...

in no real order
home / non school stuff...
Go to cleaners w/ 2 pairs of pants
return movie (Walk the Line, a cousin was an assistant casting person.. or something)
Clean-up a little here, as we'll have guests tomorrow night

School stuff..
teach, debate practice
discuss demo debate with debaters -- do we want to do the controversial subject for which BNCC has been in some news lately... big guy tells me he's getting hate mail for his position supporting free speech in this area and kind of thinks there may be protesters and we'd look like dolts in the demo debate.
Finish first reading of applications
Grade Intro summaries so they'll be ready when I come back (tomorrow)
Do logic practice quiz and post on door.
Check-in with exam giver friends to make sure they got the exams and have no questions...
Make sure postings on door have all the current projects for students
make pile to take with me when I leave tomorrow night
meeting with Teaching Circle member???
Gather cases for NPJKDLADA (can be organized later)
??? do entry for last national tournament in April ??? check with registrar about that form!

It looks like a lot to do -- but the grading is short and the application book I have to read today isn't huge... that being said, I should still get myself out of here pretty early, as there is a lot of stuff on that list for today.

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