Sunday, March 19, 2006

Debate -- KQRS nationals day 2 part 2

My geeky friend from LA has had a great impact on the tab room here at KDQB nationals. He's moderated my friend from WW and has pushed our schedule to places my WW friend would not... like, delaying dinner until there will have been three rounds between lunch and dinner.

My fav team is out, but there are three midwest teams still in -- two coached my my girlfriend from MO -- and one coached by a good friend, whom I used to judge... another is a sentimental favorite -- and there are two I'd rather didn't win at all... mostly because I think they are way overrated... but, I'm sure they are good if they got this far.

We've picked up an hour in the schedule, so we should be done by midnight... aargh.

What kind of pisses me off about this schedule is that it does bias the team in their home time zone... when you don't have to give your last speech of the tournament at 2 AM your time...

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