Saturday, March 25, 2006

Debate -- wish us luck!

Today is the start of the BIG national debate tournament... NPjfdkaDA.

Hubby and I figured out that we are in the running for the two-year school sweepstakes award, our self-imposed rivals (I doubt they think we are rivals) have four teams here -- we have two -- so our two have to beat their four in numbers of wins. We have a total of 16 rounds to do it in (8 per team..), but if our teams perform at their peak -- it is possible. We have an astonishingly good shot at #2, which was really my goal for the year. This is always hard to predict, as most of the two year schools are way outside of our normal circuit (i.e. my team ALWAYS competes against students from four-year schools).

Wish us luck -- we are the little team that kicks ass...

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