Thursday, March 16, 2006

Debate -- my bags are packed, I'm ready to go..

So far so good... D1 is here for the night, big sacrifice since today is his 21st birthday... and he'd rather make sure he gets on the 6:30 AM flight than to get drunk... not a bad choice.

We are all packed... between gear and clothes for 11 days, hubby and I filled both big suitcases. I'm a bit worried about how all of this is going to fit in the minivan we have rented... but, that is a geometry problem for tomorrow, and frankly not really my problem --- that is one advantage to traveling with all boys.

Rex will be over when he's packed and ready to go -- D2 will meet us at the airport at 4:45 AM (I trust his mom to get him there...) and McWiggins/Swear Jar (new name, as he said "I'm like the swear jar come to life").

I think I have all the details finished at school that I can do... now I can only hope that it all doesn't fall apart without me...

I think this will be the longest period I've been out of the building since I started teaching there... even over break and summer I end up in the building in some way... it will be almost 2 weeks that the place will have to survive without me.

When we get back, we'll have a debate on a controversial issue on campus. This has the full support of the big guy and his boss -- who seem to be pretty excited about the concept. Not a bad thing to have happen two weeks before my tenure package is due -- huh? Just wait until I actually HAVE tenure...

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