Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sometimes people are just wrong...

I can't say a whole lot about this... but I do have a general observation ---

Sometimes people think they are being "funny" and helpful, but they are really showing that they are immature, self-rightous jerks.. Along the way they are showing themselves as rude and pretty much taking advantage of those who are trying to help them. I'd say this is a factor of age, but really it is about maturity -- young doesn't seem to factor into it.

People like this make me realize that those who don't help others and just look out for themselves may have a point. Going out of your way to help people only opens you up to being kicked in the face and disrespected. What good is that? Maybe I'll take a cue from a colleague and only come in to do my job and that which helps me.

On the other hand, there are people that make it worthwhile ---


Dena Marie said...

I can definitely commiserate, and this is why:!4612AF2CB2631D06!331.entry

Dena Marie

Seeking Solace said...

I can so relate!!!