Sunday, March 26, 2006

Debate -- nationals update -- day 1

Both teams are 3-2, there are 3 more prelim rounds tomorrow -- of which they must win two to avoid being eliminated.

We are also beating our (secret) rivals by at least 1 win -- and we are ahead of the other in-state programs by a few.

It was a good day--- capped off by a speed eat at a closing Chinese buffet restaurant.

D1 isn't going to die of ebola.

Rex and Swear-Jar won on a "consult elephants" counterplan... where they wanted to actually ASK the elephants if they wanted to be released from zoos...

It is nice to have Swear Jar back, we missed him a lot -- he has a way of saying sutff that should be horribly offensive, but isn't -- really -- because we know he doesn't mean it, even if he is a Republican :).

All is good in the land of BNCC -- and I only miss my bed and my cats a little... (lot, but sure...).

time for bed ---

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