Friday, March 10, 2006

Teaching -- Spring Break report

No drinking and debauching for me -- but, it was a good break afterall.

So that I don't later think I completely wasted my break, here is the list of activities..

1. Ran a successful tournament -- in that everyone got their debating done and nobody died..
2. Got caught up on sleep (very important with nationals on the way..)
3. Cleaned my office -- which was terrible after hosting the tournament.
4. Did the quivalent of four expense reports -- two of which were early, thus placating the accounting trolls upstairs.
5. Graded and recorded all but 12 papers for Intro to Phil.
6. Wrote exams for Intro and Logic for the first week we will be gone to nationals.
7. Got a bunch of laundry done, as well as some housecleaning and cooking.
8. Finished watching Seinfeld season 5.
9. Bought new red birkenstocks, plus some personal stuff the debater boys don't want the details about...
10. Read most of a book by Jodi Piccoult ( "Picture Perfect").
11. Had a good meeting with the wonder-dean about my tenure portfolio... turns out I don't need to freak as much as I thought.
12. Some fun with hubby --- 'nuff said :).
13. Whatever Mom and I end up doing this weekend.... should be fun.

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Seeking Solace said...

Sounds like you were productive and had some fun!