Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Debte -- what to pack

I've never been on an 11 day debate trip -- one that encompases two national championships, one of which I help run... So, I definitely need a list... and a sherpa to carry my shit.... the sherpa won't materialize -- but the list I can do myself if blind cat ever shuts the heck up...

Clothes: personal stuff... 2 jeans, 2 pants, 3 sweaters 4 shirts, pjs, shorts, swimsuit, RAIN GEAR, Notre Dame sweatshirt
Gear from home: camera, laptop, cell phone charger, camera battery charger, thingy to transfer photos to laptop, ipod, charger and car transmitter
Gear from school to run tournament: plate holders (for trophies), stuff on school list
Gear from school to coach tournament: timers, clipboard, good pens, umbrella
Work stuff: logic book, grading left to do, files for tenure portfolio, my own reading for my dissertation---
Shear entertainment: only ONE book (we will have to go to Powell's), DVDs
Information: KQRS folder, NPJKADLDA folder

Of that stuff, the following needs to go in my carry-on bag: computer, camera, ipod, Information, book for fun, misc ID and stuff to fly...

Make sure hubby brings:
KQRS pens (they are actually HERE, in time, WOW--- we may get the hang of this yet..
Camera and tripod.

Hubby and I may pack our clothes and regular debate stuff in one suitcase and use the other for miscelaneous shit that won't fit in our carryon bags and/or we don't want to drag ourselves all the way to Portland.

Postitive thought for the trip...
Today is Wednesday, 48 hours from now we will ALL (D1/D2/Rex, hubby and me) be waiting to board our 6:30 AM flight to Portland. It will be on time and we will get there no hassles. We will have a comfortable flight and a fun time in Portland before we go to Eugene. The rental car will be there, and all of our luggage will arrive with us. We will go to someplace in Portland to buy an inexpensive printer, which we will use during the tournaments and then bring / send home to use on the road in future years.

If this happens, I'll be a happy girl -- and a much less stressed one at that.

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