Friday, March 17, 2006

Teaching -- faculty dorks...

My teaching circle is 7/8ths wonderful and one dork who is in his own little world.

Keep in mind that I'm able to read a calendar, thus -- when I scheduled my teaching circle meetings I purposly avoided having a meeting on Friday 3-17 (today). I knew for sure that by 3:00 I'd either be in Oregon or on the way here --

I get an email from faculty dork asking about the circle meeting today... and acting like it was RE-SCHEULED... NO... dork child, you can't re-scheule something that was never scheduled in the first damm place.

I'm pretty irritated with this guy, as he refueses to follow directions and claims that it is because he is so busy. Perhaps it is because he isn't able to intellectually handle the basic schedule I've been on for several years.. i.e. being overcommitted --

Sadly, I have to make nice and not tell him he's a big pain in my ass, although I'd like to. He's actually working on the same f-ing goals he had in the very first circle I was ever in almost three years ago. If I were still working on the same relatively simple thing three years later I'd either kill myself or give up. I suppose there is something to be said for being persistant...

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