Sunday, March 05, 2006

In-round blow by blow

This is the second round I've judged this tournament -- I was busy running stuff. This round is a semi-final

NPQRS-LD --- wow

Plan = DC statehood – all the regular stuff…

Opp’s arguments are when it gets good…

The DA = “what do we do with all the 50 star flags”? ---ummm – so, I am supposed to vote on the disposal problem and against giving millions the right to vote to determine their own fate…. Hmmm

The other argument from the opp = “they can vote in neighboring states”.. huh? The poor people of DC (and, DC is very poor) – should MOVE so they can VOTE… no, it gets better.. the bozo uses the argument that they go to school in BN state and can still vote in home state.. h mmmmmmmm ---- that is because you are in SCHOOL in BN state.


I want to go home and put my head under the covers… really!

1 comment:

gingajoy said...

you must admit, the "what are we going to do with all the fifty star flags?" line of argument is most convincing.

(bla haha hhhaaa).

oh man.