Thursday, March 30, 2006

Teaching -- back in the office

I finally got back to my office after nearly two weeks away.

My office has nice, pretty new furniture. It has a lava lamp, some other mood lighting and a comfortable chair. I have plenty of philosophy books and a plant. I also have huge windows that look into the back of the CC (well, it was supposed to be the front, but the architects were dumb)... out the back of my CC I see a nice nature scene, up close the pin oak is the place where the smokers congregate. Most of last summer a couple took an afternoon break for some snuggling in the grass.

I missed my office on our debate tour. I also missed my faculty friends. It was very nice to see them today, and tomorrow I'm planning to go in to do some grading and general organizing suff -- and I look forward to seeing them.

Of course, I also have 2 Intro to Philosophy exams to grade (short answer and essay..), 1 logic exam to grade (truth tables, ish..) and a set of argument analysis projects to grade. On top of this, the Irish Times National Debate Champs will arrive here for their visit on Sunday. We have a debate event on Monday afternoon and evening. They leave on Tuesday morning and I have to spend Tuesday afternoon reviewing job applications.

yea -- I have plenty to do in my little office... but, it is good to be home.

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Dr. Lisa said...

I have a lava lamp, too!!